Are micro weddings here to stay?

Are micro weddings here to stay?

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What do you think of micro-weddings?

I think that The term micro weddings, has come to stay, it has been a way around the world to host weddings during the pandemic. 

The definition of a micro-wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature traditions that make a wedding, but on a much smaller scale.

What we have experienced is 2 types of micro weddings, since a typical Danish wedding is normally raging from 50-80 guests, so what typically qualifies as a micro wedding is almost a typical Danish wedding. 

But we have experienced even smaller affairs during the pandemic, what had been planed to 50 guests ended up with 20 guests. 

Couples chose the same set-up just in a much smaller scale. 

But the biggest change is actually in the ethnic weddings, typically hosting +500 guests. Most of the guests unknown to the bridal couple, but invited due to tradition by the parents. If you can see any positive effects from the pandemic, one must be that ethnic couples could have their weddings more intimate, with fewer guests, that we have experience is a big wish from the young generation of wedding couples. 

A lot of couples postponed their 2020 wedding because of lockdown, but for some couples it had been a necessity to marry (for many different and individual reasons) and we have seen many creative attempts to make things work so friends and family could still attend, even from abroad without traveling. 

This was solved by live-streaming the wedding ceremony, followed by a photo session that could be send of digitally to all guests. 

This is of course not “the real deal” but it solved a lot of the issues without having to postpone the wedding for couples that had to marry, and I believe that most of them will make a celebration when it is possible to travel the world again. 

How have wedding trends changed in Denmark since the pandemic?

I think in general couples have become more ready to make quicker decisions, what normally was a planning process for 1-2 years, we see the time from proposal to Ido happen within 3-6 month now.

We see new and different items in the wedding kits, hand sanitizer and face masks is now part of the kits, and I believe that for the sanitizer it is there to stay. 

But the main trend is that couples have focus on who to invite, they prefer to spend the wedding time within their own “family and friends bubble”

So instead of inviting everyone (co-workers, distend friends, aunt and uncles that they hardly know) they prefer a smaller group and instead extend the wedding from one day to weekend weddings. Focus is quality time!

When will big celebrations be ok again?

It is difficult to predict when big celebrations will be ok again, but now we plan from 2022 like everything is back to normal, if not, we will make the changes according to the situation at that time. 

But I believe that we all need to have faith in things getting back, to as close to the normal, as we knew it from before the pandemic. 

Advice if you consider a micro wedding; 

Big celebration:

Think of the wedding as a big celebration, even though there is fewer guests that what you might have dreamt of, it is still a huge thing to get married - and it deserves a celebration, a wedding dress, a photographer and good food. 


Think personal! - make handwritten invitations notes, menu cards… spend that extra time to add that special personal touches, witch is much easier for 15 people than it is for 200!

Work with a planner:

Even though you are planning a micro wedding it will still make sense to hire a wedding planner to handle all logistics 

Many wedding planners offer hourly rates that would be just the thing for an intimate celebration that doesn’t require the same level of planning as a larger-scale wedding, it will take of a lot of stress for the couple, knowing that details are handled professionally. 




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