Why You Should Choose A Destination Wedding (Guest post)

Why You Should Choose A Destination Wedding (Guest post)

Hi, everyone, this week we have Mike Wilcox from Wedding Intro for a guest post, where he is sharing with us some reasons for choosing a wedding destination instead of the more traditional ways of getting married.

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Conservative people may find it awkward to marry away from home. They would like to have all their friends and family members around them so that they can enjoy together the big moment. However, they forget the fact that most people love adventure and traveling, so they may not be too upset, should they be invited to attend a far away wedding. 


Besides, even if only a handful of your friends and family members are going to attend, they are surely going to be the ones that matter the most. Even if only the two of you are going to be involved, you can still have an awesome day and unforgettable memories. There are so many honeymoon resorts and hotel apartments that you can easily find a destination that speaks volumes about who you are. You can have a wedding that suits your personal style and preferences, without having to spend weeks or even months planning it. These honeymoon resorts can cater to all your needs, so you can have a wedding package that takes care of all essentials such as photographer, cake, decorations, papers and minister. Besides, they can even assign you a full-time wedding planner to help you with all these details. They can also coordinate the RSVP and the transportation of your guests to and from the resort. This is how they can have all the comfort they've been used to. 

Destination weddings can be simple and private. If you don't feel like having a big ceremony, going away from home is the perfect excuse for not inviting your family and friends to attend. There's no doubt about the fact that you love them, but you may simply want to have some privacy on your wedding day. By going on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort, you can enjoy this privacy while not upsetting anybody. Some people are very sensitive to such details, so if you have a private ceremony in your home town, they might get upset for not being on your guest's list. Unfortunately, there are lots of people like this, hence the need to have your wedding ceremony at a remote venue, where most of them might not want to go anyway.  

The other reason why someone would want to have a destination wedding is that it could serve as the perfect opportunity to create bonds with their guests. If your friends are mainly families with children, you can consider bringing them over to an all-inclusive resort where to spend some quality time together. The children can play while their parents can have the opportunity to enjoy a short vacation, relaxing chats and a couple of drinks together with your other guests. Your wedding can bring all these people two or three days for relaxation and fun, days they may not have taken otherwise. There should be a time for work and a time for play. Your most important day can be an unforgettable weekend getaway, a playtime to enjoy with your closest friends.

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