Cherish your Bridesmaids

Cherish your Bridesmaids

4 Reasons to celebrate your bridesmaids properly

Some definitions describe them as typically young women, often close friends or sisters and what they do is attending to the bride on the wedding day. This sounds pretty dry and unfair to the amount of work and dedication of the bridesmaids, I would dare say.

In this blog post I am trying to get them a bit on stage without outshining the bride herself but offering the credit that they deserve.


First Reason for Bridesmaids Appreciation

They might be your closest friends or sisters, they might be the persons in front of which you first daydreamed about this very moment, your Wedding Day.

They probably helped you since you were 10 to carefully gather all that material for your beautiful wedding scrapbook you have been keeping for years.. They even might have played the groom while you were exercising your bride walk in your mom’s high-heels. And how about all the wedding movies you have watched over the years and promised each other that you would be in turn the sanest bride and the most helpful bridesmaids ever?

Appreciate them because they have dreamed together with you, your special day.


The second reason

They are the help you absolutely need throughout the process of planning, organizing and deciding and not least on the Big Day itself. (especially if you decided on a destination wedding) Picking the theme, the destination, the flowers and helping with the table seating sounds nice and fun but when you have to make these decisions and having a thousand different choices, you need all the help and opinions you can get.

And they are always ready to make vendor phone calls and picking up the invitations and the stationary and actually anything practical you might need. They love being involved and you need their involvement. Every bit of it.


The third reason

Who else will calm your wedding jitters down? And keep your emotional state at bay? It is a very nerve-racking and emotional moment, I hope you know.. And you need someone on that front too.

And who else will lend their hairpins in the case of hair emergency at the photoshoot? Who would love to make sure your wedding dress looks flawless throughout the ceremony, that every fold, crease, and ply is in its right place? Who would make sure ate something and would help you to the bathroom, (as undignifying that sounds, you will gladly accept that help when the time will come). As much professional help, you will get for the wedding, you will still need the emotional help of your lovely bridesmaids, they will be your assurance you are in good hands. Do not underestimate the value of your ladies in wait.


The fourth reason

They are super fun! They make you laugh, they are good at throwing you the best bachelorette party and make you feel special, aaand let’s not forget about the fact that they look awesome in the photo album. They give the shoot extra color and all those funny poses and faces are a must have at a wedding photo shoot.  

So I lovingly advise you to make them feel special and appreciated in return for their dedication in making your Big Day run smooth, filled with fun and joy.

Also besides the love and hugs, you can always offer a small gift to show your appreciation.

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