How to pick the perfect wedding ring

How to pick the perfect wedding ring

When choosing a ring to wear for the rest of your life, you must be absolutely certain that it is the right one. Especially when you are picking the ring for another, there are many things to consider.

First of all you need to be sure of the size of the ring. In the first link below there is a detailed guide to different ways of messuring one's ring size. But if it is an engagement ring, the best way is to bring one of your girlfriend's rings to the jeweller. 

Once you have found the ring size, you will face one of the biggest decisions of your life: How shoud the ring look? Do you want gold, silver, white gold or maybe a fourth option? Is the style of the ring to be modern, classic, art noveau or even antique? Is it to be minimalistic or maximalistic? And last but not least: Is it to have a stone and if so how big should it be and which stone?

This is where it gets tricky for the suitor. Choosing a wedding ring is a common task, but choosing an engagement ring is a lonely and nerve wracking decision. What if she does not like it? The answer is that she will probably say yes anyway.

But in the hope of helping lost suitors, we will share with you our thoughts on how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

For the suitor it would, as mentioned, in most cases be very effective to check out your girlfriend's other rings. Not only for the size but also to get a hinge of her style. Make sure that the engagement ring matches her other jewellery. Next you must consider if the ring should have a stone. Maybe a stone is a bad idea because it could be in the way while she is working, or maybe she has been showing you pictures of Kim Kardashian's rock everytime she has had the oppotunity.

If you decide to get a rock you have to choose the type of rock. All gemstones have different symbolic value and meaning. Follow the second link below to learn more about gemstones and what they symbolizes.

The most common choise is a diamond which is said to protect the person who wears it. But the diamond is propably the most common choise because it is beautiful, classic and a girl's best friend. A diamond is the safe bet, but also smarags, amatyst and rubies are common. 

It all may sound very confusing, and we truly whish that we could just lay out the one ring, that is perfect for all women, but such a ring does not exist. You must trust your instinct and the fact that you propably are the person who knows your girlfriend the best.

We can only present the many stages there is in choosing the perfect ring and thereby give you some tools for the process. Use everything you got: That being your instinct, memories of her loving the Kardashian ring or checking out her own style by snorting around in her jewellery box. 

Oddly this is an important decision, with no real consequence if chosen wrong. So choose away and remember to ask about the store's refund system - just in case 😜


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