Need inspiration for a destination wedding?

Need inspiration for a destination wedding?

If you are dreaming of a destination wedding - there is some things to consider before getting into the planning...

Define your destination, and investigate in the rules about marriage, is a legal ceremony even possible?

Find out witch religion is the majority on your preferred destination, witch are you?  will the ceremony only be a blessing - does it even matter? 

How do you get there?

-are you planning to have guests?

-how many?

-what about accommodation?

What about the vendors, are the reliable?

-will they deliver the quality you expect?

Most emportant - can you keep the calmness with out being present before your wedding to check up on vendors?

You will quickly discover that the question list will be very long - and most questions will not be answered before your wedding day (and after, when reflecting) 

Of course there is a lot of tools to use in your planning - but my recommendation is to find and hire a professionel wedding planner to assist and ensure that all your dreams will come true on your big day 

I have made a short inspiration movie - see it and start dreaming of your destination wedding 

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