How to find the right Wedding Planner for you

How to find the right Wedding Planner for you

How do you make sure to find your right match in wedding planner / wedding agencies ? 

There is a lot to consider when choosing the planner for your wedding - we will give you a checklist and some advise to follow to make sure you will find the right match 

Choosing Wedding Planner / Agency can be difficult but remember that comparing wedding planners is not comparing apples to apples!

Every wedding planner and company are different. For example, not every wedding planner is a designer, or vice versa. And not every planner who offers event design has an in-house design team.

Not two planners / agencies are alike, and it’s important to find a person (or team) that you feel a comfortable connection and trust to such that you can see yourself discussing important or sensitive family dynamics, budget goals or concerns, and other details you may not so readily share with even your close friends. 

So what do a wedding planner charge?

Like the difference in planners and agencies, so can the wedding planner fees varies from day of coordination to full planning - and the level in fees depends on experience, location and type of wedding tasks

Wedding planner fees can seem high to some at first, but if you consider the amount of time and responsibility required, you will quickly understand that a planner should cost more than the band, more than the photographer, more than most other vendor services. If you’re hosting a luxury wedding, a planner of the right caliber is a tremendous asset to have in your corner and can help maximize and protect your investment in literally every other facet of the wedding. At the end of the day, no single other vendor or entity will pour more time, thought, expertise, or hard work into your wedding celebration than your planner, and nobody else can possibly be as effective an advocate for you or your overall vision. 

Wedding planner / client expectations, are always extremely important to set - both ways!

We have made it very clear What to expect from your planner when working with us as your planner - but again, you need to investigate to find the right match

We are a Wedding Planning company that emphasis with our clients. We only take a limited number of events each year to ensure we can give our clients the attention they deserve. We believe that each wedding is unique, and by getting to know our clients personal we can ensure their event is a true reflection of them.

But what is it that makes us so different from other planners? 

-Our Experience! 

We have more than 20 years of it, but even more important – our service is exceptional, an experience for you and your guests. Because we believe that it’s all about the Big Dreams & the small details, we believe in good communication, and we know that special love last for ever.

We specialize in high-end and luxury wedding, in Denmark and destination international weddings, where as other planner / agencies specializes in other kind of weddings and their style is different - make sure to connect with the wedding planner that reflects you as a couple and your preferred style. 

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Complimentary initial consultation (conducted via email)

Interactive virtual planning session (1 hour)

Tailored list of suppliers curated to bring your wedding vision to life (covering up to 6 categories, with a curated list of 3-5 options for each category)

Exclusive personalized online resources:

Comprehensive budget breakdown

Wedding day schedule template

Guidance and suggestions for orchestrating a worry-free wedding day

Catalog of essential inquiries to pose to your selected suppliers

Your individually crafted time / action plan for the planning (when to do what)