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Tilgængelig online

Virtuel Consultation

Let's connect and discuss your ideas, thoughts, and vision in-depth - with recommendations

  • 45 minutter
  • 350 euro
  • Online Meeting

Beskrivelse af service

Offering personalized virtual wedding & event planning! Complete an online questionnaire and have a face-to-face Skype session to define your vision. Within a week, get a tailor-made online planning package with a list of trusted suppliers fitting your preferences and budget. Gain exclusive access to online tools for budget management and timeline creation. This service aims to ease the uncertainty of where to start and whom to trust, especially for couples on a budget. Whether your wedding is traditional or non-traditional, indoor or outdoor, you'll orchestrate your unique celebration using modern planning techniques. Receive valuable insights and a personalized action plan tailored exclusively for you, combining the benefits of a dedicated planner with independent planning. Revolutionize your wedding planning with our cost-effective, personalized virtual service that leverages our expertise. As for price, it could vary depending on the level of customization and support needed, but it's designed to be accessible and transformative for your journey.



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